USDA Grain Stocks Report: More Grain in Storage

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The September 30th Grain Stocks Report by USDA shows an increase in corn, soybeans and wheat.

The report shows all old crop corn stocks as of the first of September at 1.73 billion bushels, up 41 percent from September first of last year. Soybeans totaled 191 million bushels, up 133 percent from a year ago. Meanwhile, all wheat stocks totaled 2.09 billion bushels, up 10 percent from a year ago. Other highlights from the report include barley stocks totaling 219 million bushels, up 28 percent from a year ago; oats totaled 93.3 million bushels in all, 26 percent above last year’s figure; old crop grain sorghum totaled 18.4 million bushels, 46 percent lower than last year and sunflower stocks totaled 238 million pounds, 19 percent higher than last year.

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