Radio announcer celebrates 40 years in St. Joseph

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Brent Harmon celebrates 40 years on airwaves in St. Joseph. He said he has met numerous artists over the years.

Qcountry’s Brent Harmon, better known to many as “Brother B” is celebrating four decades on airwaves in St. Joseph.

Harmon started his career with Eagle Radio on July 6, 1977 after graduating from Northwest Missouri State University two years prior.

“A friend of mine, who I went to college with at Northwest, told me there was an opening here for the all-night show on KFEQ,” Harmon said. “When I started here we were playing vinyl 45 records and then we went to cartridges, then we went to CDs and now everything is digital.”

Eagle Radio launched Qcountry on Oct. 1, 1991. Harmon said he eventually took on a radio announcer role on Qcountry in the late 90s.

“When I started with KFEQ it was and still is an agricultural oriented station but we played country music. As country music or music in general went to the wayside on the AM dial we went to all talk and I was just sort of running the board for several years and doing production on KFEQ,” Harmon said. “When Qcountry came about…and we moved into this new building, I got to do a live show on Qcountry.

Harmon said he’s heard similar discussions about the sound of country music throughout the years.

“People complain these days about, ‘that doesn’t sound like country music’ and that argument has always been there,” he said. “I remember back in the day people said that about John Denver and Olivia Newton-John.”

Harmon said he’s had a lot of listeners that have been with him throughout his career.

“That’s a good feeling to know people stick around for you,” Harmon said.

During his career he has met numerous artists including George Strait, Thomas Rhett, Charlton Heston,  Kelsea Ballerini,  and Barbara Mandrell.  He said his passion is music of all sorts, and has seen the Rolling Stones in concert at least a dozen times.

“My wife and I love going to concerts. We love live music. I think I’ve seen them (the Rolling Stones) maybe 12 or 13 times. I saw the Beatles when I was a kid. I’ve always loved all kinds of music,” Harmon said. “It’s just kind of a hobby. Some people build tables or what have you, we go to concerts.”

Listeners can hear Brother B middays on Qcountry 92.7.