Job report shows growth in employment and wages in St. Joseph

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The Missouri Department of Economic Development’s November job report shows St. Joseph is experiencing growth in employment and wages.

According to a press release from the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce, St. Joseph’s civilian labor force was up 1.6 percent from November 2017. That is a higher increase than all other Missouri cities.

St. Joseph has long been the third largest exporter in the state, behind St. Louis and Kansas City, and now, according to the report, has earned the number three ranking in employment growth and wages.

St. Joseph’s average hourly wage is $22.20, which only falls behind St. Louis and Kansas City. St. Joseph’s weekly earnings are $805.86, which equates about $42,000 a year.

“St. Joseph has added hundreds of jobs in the past couple of years with higher wages, which is reflected in this report,” said R. Patt Lilly, President and CEO of the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce. “Besides attracting new business, the Chamber also works with existing companies in St. Joseph to grow their number of employees and increase their wages.”

St. Joseph’s unemployment rate in the November report was 2.7 percent, which is lower than the U.S. rate (3.7 percent), the Missouri rate (3.1 percent) and several other Missouri communities.

“While our unemployment is low, there are a large number of high-paying jobs available for those willing to be trained,” Lilly said. “The Chamber continues to work with local education institutions and business to bring additional skills training and certifications to enhance our workforce and build on the growing economy.”

To read the report, click here.