Motorists encouraged to keep emergency car kits stocked

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This winter, area residents have had to be prepared for everything from bitter cold and wind, to snow, sleet, ice and more.

St. Joseph Emergency Management Manager Jada McClintick said patience and planning are keys to winter safety no matter what the weather is doing.

“Of course, on the roadways is snow, or on a day when it’s really cold and wet out, it’s slicker than it looks on the pavement, so people just need to be patient with themselves, with other drivers, give themselves extra time to get where they’re needing to go,” McClintick said. “That’s probably the number one thing you can do is just give yourself that extra time so you’re not frustrated with those other drivers, you’re acutely aware of everyone else around you driving and giving yourself extra time to get yourself to where you’re going and stop, when appropriate.”

The forecast is calling for temperatures in the 40s on Wednesday and Thursday this week and McClintick said, during the nicer weather, it’s a good time to make or update your emergency car kit. Some items McClintick suggests having in your kit, which could be in a box, bag or tote in your trunk include:

  • Water
  • Granola bars
  • Extra chargers
  • Blankets

McClintick adds that in past years, people have mentioned they wished they would have included things for their kids traveling with them when they got stuck on the road because of bad weather.

“Things to keep them entertained, whether it be an iPad or books or crossword puzzles, something, because the kids got really restless and aggravated having to sit in the car that long,” McClintick said. “So it’s something you don’t always think about in an emergency kit, but if you travel with your kids in the car a lot, you do have to keep them, not only fed, but entertained as well so that an interesting thing I thought people brought up that they didn’t have in their kits.”

For more information about weather preparedness, visit the city of St. Joseph Emergency Management Facebook page.