More buses, students will be on the road with school starting soon

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St. Joseph Post

Starting this week, big yellow buses will be back on the road and more students will be driving, biking or walking to and from school.

St. Joseph Safety and Health Council Executive Director Sheldon Lyon says this week, drivers will see a change on the roads as they head to and from work.

“So when we get in our cars to go to work, be mindful of those areas that we normally see children during the school year,” Lyon says. “Make sure in the school zones we slow down and we’re alert for young children that may be darting out in front of our car, maybe at crosswalks, where they aren’t normally and if we’re not paying attention we may not yield to those children. So that’s something we desperately want to do and just remind everybody school’s in session, so please be vigilant.”

With school buses also being out on the roads again, Lyon reminds drivers that if you’re on a two-lane road and you see the amber lights come on, that means the bus is slowing down to pick up or drop off students.

“Come to a complete stop when the stop arm comes out and the red lights begin to flash and do not proceed until that red light and stop arm come back in,” Lyon says. “We know the routine, we do it every year, it’s just that time that we need the reminder that this activity is going to be there in the morning and evening and to make sure that we’re vigilant, we watch for these kids because there’s a lot of energy there and we certainly wouldn’t want a tragedy to happen so just be careful when you’re out there.”

The St. Joseph School District begins the school year on August 15th.