Ergot More Widespread in Mo. This Year

(KFEQ)--The University of Missouri's College of Agriculture announced in a news story this week Missouri farmers are reporting cattle deaths due to widespread ergot infection of common pasture grasses. They say Producers should immediately move cattle or other livestock from infected fields.

Ergot, a fungus, normally appears in small pockets throughout the state, but this year seems to be prevalent statewide, according to Craig Roberts, a professor of plant sciences in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, University of Missouri.

Wet, cool weather followed by high heat and humidity created ideal conditions for ergot growth across Missouri.

A northeast Missouri farmers reported the death of four cattle early this month after moving part of his herd to a tall fescue pasture in the seed head stage. He reported the cattle appeared to suffer from extreme heat stress.

Read more about ergot at the University of Missouri Website.

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