Missouri Crop Progress and Condition Report

Agricultural Summary
Above average temperatures continued across the state with scattered showers in the northern part of the state. There were 6.5 days suitable for fieldwork. Topsoil moisture supply was 40 percent very short, 46 percent short, and 14 percent adequate.  The north-central, northeast, and west-central districts are rated 97 percent or more short and very short. Subsoil moisture supply was 31 percent very short, 45 percent short, and 24 percent adequate.  Subsoil rated short and very short increased 7 points from last week. 
Field Crops Report
Corn dented was 92 percent complete, 21 days behind last year but the same as normal (5-year average).  Corn mature was 43 percent, 31 days behind last year and 11 days behind normal. Corn harvested was 10 percent complete, 34 days behind last year and 18 days behind normal.  Corn moisture at harvest was 21.6 percent, ranging from 18.7 percent in the southeast to 25.3 percent in the northwest district.  Last year the corn moisture at harvest was 15.6 percent.  Corn condition was 9 percent very poor, 19 percent poor, 32 percent fair, 34 percent good, and 6 percent excellent.  Soybeans setting pods was 96 percent complete, 8 days behind last year but 2 days ahead of normal. Soybeans turning color was 31 percent complete, 11 days behind last year and 3 days behind normal. Soybeans dropping leaves was 10 percent complete, 10 days behind last year and 4 days behind normal.  Soybeans mature were 1 percent, 5 days behind normal.  Soybean condition was 10 percent very poor, 21 percent poor, 36 percent fair, 29 percent good, and 4 percent excellent.  Cotton opening bolls was 10 percent complete, 33 days behind last year and 24 days behind normal.  Cotton condition was 3 percent very poor, 15 percent poor, 34 percent fair, 46 percent good, and 2 percent excellent. Rice harvested was 7 percent complete, 19 days behind last year and 15 days behind normal.  Rice condition was 4 percent poor, 30 percent fair, 43 percent good, and 23 percent excellent.  Seventy-six percent of sorghum was turning color and beyond, 6 days behind last year but the same as normal. Sorghum mature was 18 percent, 17 days behind last year and 12 days behind normal. Sorghum harvested was 2 percent complete, 13 days behind last year and 11 days behind normal. Sorghum condition was 2 percent very poor, 9 percent poor, 38 percent fair, 48 percent good, and 3 percent excellent. Alfalfa hay 3rd cutting was 95 percent, 14 days ahead of normal.  Winter wheat planting was 1 percent complete, 2 days behind last year but the same as normal.  
Pasture & Livestock
Pasture conditions were to 15 percent very poor, 20 percent poor, 45 percent fair, 19 percent good, and 1 percent excellent. Pasture conditions in the northwest, north-central, and northeast districts were rated 65, 70, and 62 percent poor and very poor.  Supply of hay and other roughages was 1 percent very short, 9 percent short, 77 percent adequate, and 13 percent surplus.  Some producers are starting to feed hay.  Stock water supplies were 4 percent very short, 19 percent short, 75 percent adequate, and 2 percent surplus. 
Weather Summary
Temperatures were 1 degree to 5 degrees above average across the state.  Precipitation averaged 0.28 of an inch statewide.  The northwest district reported 0.74 of an inch. Buchanan County reported 1.60 inches. Over the past 4 weeks the southwest district has received 0.16 of an inch of precipitation.

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