Area Corn Yield Data Found Today

(KFEQ)--Here's some area yield data we were able to round up this morning.  There's good harvest weather in store the next few days which should allow many producers to head to the fields in the four state coverage area of KFEQ and much of the corn belt.

Some of these reports are coming from Pioneer Hybrid growers and the rest coming from producers reporting to Roach Trading and AgWeb.  You can find all this information on those respective websites.  As always, yield data should be considered to be taken with a grain of salt, so to speak.  

According to the data gathered today, all reports we are hearing seem to ring some truth.  Yield is varying throughout the midwest but overall better than expected.  Some producers just simply got luckier than others in terms of rainfall over the growing season and over a handful of other issues.  

Pioneer yield reports.
In NE Kansas.
Lows 160's to high's near 260
Most moisture levels near 20%
Plot from SE Nebraska.
194-195, Richardson County.
24-25% moisture 
Roach Trading
For the Four state area, Mo, Ia, Neb and Kan
They reported early yield data varied from roughly 130 to 180, most data was collected last month, at the very beginning stages of harvest.  Most producers seemed to suggest that the yield numbers should get better as harvest goes and so far harvest is better than expected.
AgWeb reporting for NW Missouri on corn harvest yields so far is at 120-150, with just small handful of reports so far.

In Kansas the only report from AgWeb was at 190 bpa in Nemaha County.  One report from SW Iowa, 160 from Taylor County, IN SE Nebraska, report of 135 in Otoe County and 150 in Cass County.

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