Weekly Missouri Crop Progress Report

Missouri Crop Progress and Condition 

Agricultural Summary
Dry conditions allowed planting, tillage and harvest progress to continue.  There were 5.6 days suitable for fieldwork.Topsoil moisture supply was 4 percent very short, 19 percent short, 68 percent adequate, and 9 percent surplus.  The southeast district was rated 33 percent surplus.  Subsoil moisture supply was 17 percent very short, 30 percent short, 52 percent adequate, and 1 percent surplus.  Fall tillage was 61 percent complete, 20 days behind last year and 7 days behind normal (5-year average).  
Field Crops Report
Corn harvested was 94 percent complete, 36 days behind last year but 10 days ahead of normal. Corn moisture at harvest was 16.0 percent, ranging from 14.4 percent in the southwest district to 16.7 percent in the north-central district.  Soybeans harvested were 86 percent complete, 8 days behind last year and 6 days behind normal. Cottonharvested was 75 percent complete, 17 days behind last year and 14 days behind normal.  Sorghum harvested was 93 percent complete, 4 days behind last year but 5 days ahead of normal. Winter wheat planting was 88 percent complete, 9 days behind last year but 1 day ahead of normal.  Winter wheat emerged was 72 percent complete, 4 days behind last year but 3 days ahead of normal.  Winter wheat condition was 50 percent fair, 47 percent good, and 3 percent excellent.  
Pasture & Livestock
Pasture condition was 4 percent very poor, 17 percent poor, 49 percent fair, 28 percent good, and 2 percent excellent.Supply of hay and other roughages was 1 percent very short, 7 percent short, 79 percent adequate, and 13 percent surplus.   Stock water supplies were 2 percent very short, 16 percent short, 80 percent adequate, and 2 percent surplus. 
Weather Summary
Temperatures ranged from 2 degrees below average to 2 degrees above average across the state.  Precipitation averaged 0.20 of an inch statewide.  The southeast district received 0.61 of an inch. Reynolds County reported 1.60 inches.

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