Deja Vu: Farm Bill Same old Story, Same Old Song and Dance

Chris Clayton of DTN wrote yesterday that the farm bill is going through another cliche laden process again this year, close but not final, again.

See below and read more here.

WASHINGTON (DTN) -- Deja vu. The song remains the same. This sounds like a broken record. Pick any of those cliches to describe the farm bill situation in Congress.

A new farm bill would "build on recent momentum in the U.S. agriculture economy and rising farm incomes," a new report by the Obama administration's Rural Council states.

House and Senate farm-bill negotiators are operating under the same reality as they have for the past two years. Congress is leaving on its Thanksgiving break. Time is short in December, and the committee leaders still don't have a final conference report ready to bring to the full House and Senate.

Read Claytons story here.

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