Tuesday's ballot includes bond issue to address bridge repairs

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by Sarah Thomack

St. Joseph Post

The June 2nd General Election in St. Joseph will include a bond issue to address bridge repairs.

St. Joseph Mayor Bill McMurray says “Bonds For Bridges” are general obligation bonds that the city would pursue if the voters approve it.

McMurray says it’s a $20 million, 20-year program to fix approximately 10 bridges. McMurray says the bridges need repair or replacement as many were constructed in or before 1930.

“Several of them are over the Parkway and we have one on King Hill,” McMurray says. We just need to be a step ahead here, instead of waiting for a bridge to crumble and fall and perhaps injure someone in a vehicle going over it when that happens, we want to get a step ahead, be proactive and get all these bridges fixed.”

McMurray says the property tax difference would be less than two dollars a month for a house valued at $100,000.

McMurray adds that safety precautions will be taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus at polling places including workers wearing masks and sanitizing pens used to mark ballots.

“Exercising our right to vote is one of the most important things we do in a democracy,” McMurray says. “So I hope everyone will go out, wear your mask, wear gloves if you like, and with the precautions at the polls, you should be fine.”

Other issues on the ballot Tuesday include city charter amendments and six candidates are running for two open spots on the St. Joseph School Board.