Graves says DC riots are no way to solve the country's disputes

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St. Joseph Post

Congressman Sam Graves says riots in Washington, D.C. are
disturbing after angry supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol while Congress proceeded to certify the Electoral College victory of President-elect
Joe Biden.

Graves describes the scene on Capitol Hill.

“Chaos and mess. It’s unfortunate, highly unfortunate that we’re
seeing this,” Graves says. “This is not what we are as a democracy or a
republic. It’s certainly not and this is not the way we solve disputes in this
country. It’s terribly unfortunate.”

Graves has joined other Republicans in objecting to the certification
of the presidential election, claiming voting irregularities which might border
on fraud in several key states. Graves is quick to say he doesn’t believe it
will change the outcome, but says it could lead to election reform in those
states. He rejects charges it could be seen as Congress interfering with state sovereignty,
insisting that the members of Congress are acting within constitutional parameters.

Still, Graves says emotions are high for Trump supporters who
contend Biden cannot claim a legitimate victory.

“And I think people are upset about that and it just grew to a
boiling point and I think that’s exactly what happened, but again this is not
the way to solve disputes in the United States and it’s unfortunate,” Graves

Graves says Capitol police have protected members of Congress,
though he worries that they might be in danger.

President Trump held a rally for tens of thousands of his
supporters outside the White House on Wednesday, a rally in which he criticized
his own Vice President, Mike Pence, for failing to prevent the certification of
Biden’s win. Pence had told the president earlier he had no authority to stop
the Electoral College count. After the rally, pro-Trump protestors headed to the

Graves says Trump’s rhetoric during the rally contributed to
the unrest.

“Oh, I think it has. I think it’s thrown gasoline on it.”

Graves adds Trump could go a long way to quelling the riot.

“President Trump needs to show some leadership and come out
and do more than just Tweet to stop this,” according to Trump. “He has to show
some leadership and he needs to do that and he needs to do it sooner rather
than later.”

The riot forced lawmakers to flee the
Capitol. It interrupted the Electoral College certification. The Washington, D.C., police
chief says at least five weapons have been recovered and at least 13 people
have been arrested so far in pro-Trump protests.

One woman died from a gunshot wound, and more
than 1,000 National Guard members were mobilized to help restore order.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.