St. Joseph Public Library participates in National Library Week

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St. Joseph Post

National Library Week is here.

The St. Joseph Library is celebrating the week along with libraries across the nation.

Director of the St. Joseph Public Library Mary Beth Revels says this year’s theme “Welcome to the Library” is very fitting.

“With a pandemic that everybody in the whole world has been dealing with over the last year, a lot of people have not been back into the library yet, so it’s a great theme this year to say welcome to the library,” Revels tells St. Joseph Post.

Revels says National Library Week has been observed for quite some time.

“National Library Week is just a national observance that is sponsored by the American Library Association and libraries all over the world each April,” says Revels. “It first started in 1985 so it’s been around for a lot of years.”

Revels says libraries are hidden gems in communities.

“Everyone in the whole world is welcome to visit their public library and it’s just been a way to promote libraries and say, ‘Hey we’re here. Come visit us. We would love to help you in whatever way that we can,'” says Revels.

National Library Week ends April 10th. Revels says to stop by the library to enter a contest and possibly win a prize. Anyone can enter to win at any of the four library branches.