Growth Energy calls on Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb to veto anti e15 bill

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Growth Energy Tuesday urged Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb to veto state legislation the biofuels group claims is intended to destroy demand for E15, a fuel blend with 15 percent ethanol.

In a letter to Governor Holcomb, Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor states, “SB 303 was designed to stall new competition at the fuel pump and prevent more consumers from saving three to ten cents per gallon on a lower-carbon, higher-octane fuel blend.”

According to the letter, SB 303 seeks to limit sales of E15 by mandating warning labels on E15 fuel dispensers that serve “only to confuse consumers and add completely unnecessary redundancy” to already burdensome federal labeling requirements. The fuel already has similar federal label requirements.

The bill establishes new maximum vapor pressure limits for gasoline and for ethanol blended fuels in the state. Additionally, fuel dispensers of E15 must have a statement “Attention: E15. Check owner’s manual for compatibility and warranty requirements.”