Program Schedule

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680-KFEQ Program Schedule!

Also listen for Missouri Western Sports, the Royals Baseball and Chiefs Football.

Monday-Friday Time Online!
Jim Bohanan  12a-1 am
Dave Ramsey 1-4 am
America in The Morning 4-5 am
Wall Street This Morning 5-7am
St Joe This Morning 5-8 am
KFEQ Hotline 8-10 am
Agritalk 10 -11 am
Midday Farm Report 11-1 pm
Rush Limbaugh 1-4 pm
Market Rally 4-5pm
KFEQ Evening Edition 5-7pm
Dave Ramsey 7-10 pm
Jim Bohanan 10 pm-1 am
Saturday Time Online!
Fox Sports 12m-4 am
The Conspiracy Show 4-6 am
Saturday Farm Features 6-6:30 am
It’s Your Money 6:30-7:30 am
Road’s End 7:30-8 am
Agri$hop 8-9 am
Bull Sessions 9-10:00 am
GunTalk 10-11 am
Fox Sports 11-12m
Time Online!
When Radio Was 12m-5 am
Mayo Clinic Radio 5-6 am
Sounds of Joy 6-6:30 am
Better Horses 6:30-7:30 am
It’s Your Money 7:30-8:30 am
Lutheran Hour 8:30-9 am
Day One 9-9:30 am
Grace For Today 9:30-10 am
Mayo Clinic Radio 10-11 am
Fox Sports 11 am-7 p
When Radio Was 7-12 pm