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  • Wednesday’s closing grain bids
    June 26th, 2019   St Joseph   Yellow Corn 4.28 – 4.36 White Corn no bid Soybeans 8.29 – 8.32 LifeLine Foods 4.35   Atchison Yellow Corn 4.43 – 4.53 Soybeans  8.29 Hard Wheat  4.54 Soft Wheat  5.08     Kansas City Truck Bids Yellow Corn  4.38 – 4.58 White Corn 4.52 – 4.58 Soybeans […]
  • St. Joseph School District Board of Education approves FY 2020 budget
    This week, the St. Joseph School District Board of Education approved the budget for Fiscal Year 2020.  Board President Seth Wright said revenues exceeded spending this year and the board approved approximately $126 million in operating expenses. “That’s in large measure thanks to the community that approved the… 61 cent levy back in April, so […]
  • Farmers’ working capital “critically low”
    The agriculture sector is suffering from working capital that’s fallen to critically low levels. That news is from the forecasting firm Agricultural Economic Insights. The firm recently analyzed data put out by the Economic Research Service, saying the declines in working capital are stark. Brent Gloy, a Nebraska farmer and economist, writes that “Working capital […]

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